Friday, 8 October 2010

Decisions, Decisions

It's that time of year again when the seed catalogues are dropping through the letterbox, and we're deciding what we want to grow next year. I've also had a trip to Wyevale Garden Centre at York, where they were selling off packets of seeds for 50p, so I couldn't come away empty handed. I always tend to buy a packet of cucumber seeds when the sale's on as they're always so expensive to buy otherwise. This time I've gone for Prima Top which is a F1 all female, mini fruited greenhouse type. These should have been £3.99 for the packet which only contains five seeds, so I consider 50p to be a bargain.

I bought a packet of marrow seeds in the Wyevale sale too. I've never grown marrow before, but this year, I used some of my overgrown courgettes as marrows and stuffed them with minced beef, tomatoes and feta cheese and they were delicious, so I decided I would grow the real thing next year.

It's very damp and misty here today but there's a couple of sunny days predicted for Sunday and Monday. I'm hoping the forcast is right as I need to put in some serious work on the plot, I'm so behind with everything.


  1. I don't know what that is in dollars but sounds expensive for 5 seeds. Cucumbers seeds are quite cheap here and it doesn't matter if they are F1 or not.

  2. It's always difficult choosing isn't it

  3. God you are so organised...I haven't even finished thinking about summer yet...let alone starting to think about what to plant next year...I think I need to be checking what I have and get my butt down to those sales too...thanks for the reminder Jo.

  4. And as for the's a different taste and texture to courgette but I love them..if you end up with a glut they make nice jam too.

  5. I promised myself not to buy any bulbs/seeds this year, but I am reading all the blogs and start getting some itching...

  6. I buy MoreVeg seeds if I only want small quantities or Kings Seeds, via my horticultural society shop. Thankfully my 'shopping list' is a short, and relatively cheap, one.
    I've grown a couple of big courgettes this year but have yet to grow proper marrows!
    I hope that you got on the plot today as I did this morning.
    Flighty xx

  7. So many seeds, It looks like your garden will be full of life next season.
    I am also going through seeds now, I have way more than I can ever sow.

    Hope your seeds grow well

  8. I've just got the Dobies catalogue, normally get 50% off when my local Society orders in bulk. Couple of changes I'll be making is going for a white flowering runner bean and also growing Borlotti beans. Always hard to decide though!

  9. I haven't even started to think about next year yet! You did well with your cucumber seeds though.

  10. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Becky. F1 seeds are always more expensive here, but F1 cucumbers even more so, I don't know why.

    There's always so much I want to grow, Green Lane Allotments. It's hard deciding between different varieties.

    I'm only organised when it can save me money, Tanya. Seeds are sold off so cheaply that it can save you a fortune. I'm looking forward to trying marrow, it's never crossed my mind to grow it before now.

    It's hard to show restraint when all the new seasons wares are in the shops, Tatyana. I tell myself that I don't need any more seeds, I've got more than I'll ever get round to sowing, but then I pass a sale and have to spend, there's always something to tempt me.

    MoreVeg are really good for small quantities, Flighty. I find that I have lots of seeds left over of things like lettuce and carrots where you get literally thousands of seeds in the packet. I've never grown marrow before so I'm looking forward to trying it next year.

    I'm the same, ~fer. I'll never grow all the seeds I already have, yet I buy more. There's just so many varieties to try.

    You get a good discount, Damo. I'm trying a new runner bean next year, Wisley Magic, it's still got a red flower though.

    I always try and get some of my seeds in the sale, Mark, as you can save a fortune that way. It can be hard trying to think what you want to grow next year in September though.

  11. Well we certainly need something to read on those long dark winter nights Jo and the seed catalogues fit the bill perfectly :) Well done on the cucumber seed purchase ~ I got some too from our local Wyevale in July when they reduced them ~ 'Burpless Green' and 'Mini Munch' :) Now I just need to sort my seeds out before I am tempted to buy anything else!

  12. I'm just the same, Anna. I buy seeds without knowing properly what I've already got and what I haven't. I tried growing mini cucumbers unsuccessfully this year, so fingers crossed that I do better next year.


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