Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Still More To Come

I've just picked another few tomatoes from my plants, but there's still more to come if I can get them to ripen. My greenhouse is only four foot by six foot, not big by any stretch of the imagination, but it holds enough tomato plants to keep me supplied throughout summer. I'm reluctant to plant tomatoes at the allotment because of the risk of blight, I hear so many stories of people losing their whole crop to blight that it's much safer to keep tomatoes to the greenhouse. On the whole, I've been very pleased with my tomatoes this year, and will definitely be growing some of the same varieties again next year. In the past, I've always tried some new varieties each year, but I've been so happy with the varieties I've grown this year that I don't know if I'll bother next year.

Earlier on in the year, my daughter won a competition run by Wyevales and one of her prizes was a grafted pepper plant. Grafted plants are supposed to be less prone to disease and more likely to produce a good crop which will ripen outdoors. I had high hopes of harvesting lots of peppers, but the plant has only produced six, three earlier on in the year and three which are still ripening on the plant. I think I'll stick with growing from seed, though I think I'll grow more plants next year as I've become quite partial to peppers this year. I'd be interested to hear which varieties have grown well for you, and if you've grown them in a greenhouse or outdoors.

I didn't manage to get to the allotment this weekend, though we had a gorgeous day here on Sunday. Instead we took a walk at Newmillerdam Country Park, you can read about it on my other blog, Through The Keyhole.


  1. Those tomatoes look tasty!! After the scary creature (a hornworm) I saw on my tomato plant this year, the greenhouse sounds like a good place for it. If I hadn't caught it immediately, it would have made mincemeat of my plant... I grew one called sunsweet this year, that had amazing flavor, but I had some that didn't do well, so I think I'm going to stick with faves next year, too.

  2. You must savour and enjoy those last home grown tomatoes.. nothing more for months!

  3. Sadly my tomatoes finally succumbed to blight but I was well pleased with the crop I did get from my handful of plants, especially the yellow ones. Flighty xx

  4. Lovely photo Jo! Your toms look so appetising in the blue colander. Our allotment tomatoes finished a few weeks back and I'm now onto shop bought but thoroughly enjoyed the last of the toms in a delicious Tomato and Red Pepper soup. Caro xx

  5. I'm pleased to say we missed the blight this year. Not having a greenhouse means I have to grow outdoors, but mine finished a while back. Yours look great Jo.

  6. My tomatoes are finished now but I'm still ripening off a good few reluctant ones on the kitchen windowsill. Mostly they did really this year and thankfully no sign of blight even though they are grown outdoors. I like the sound of your Tangella Jo - I will definitely seek out that variety. I think its a good idea to stick to the tried and tested.

    Will pop over and read about your Sunday walk now.


  7. It's great to have the last few tomatoes in mid-October. Make the most of them! Peppers, I grew Californian Wonder, Etiuda and a yellow bell pepper this year and I normally get half a dozen per plant which is pretty good from seed.

  8. unfortunately my tomatoes are all finsihed now..I think I will be growing more plants next year.

    I love peppers but have never had much luck with them. I grew mine first in a mini greenhouse and this year in a proper greenhouse in containers...I think next year I will try in the greenhouse in the ground as I would love to have more...it's weird how I always get a great crop of chilli peppers and only about three bell peppers!!!

  9. We don't grow tomatoes outside any more due to blight but it seems that this year has beeen an OK year - no blight on our potatoes either!

  10. Enjoy the rest of those precious tomatoes Jo!

  11. Dear Jo, Your tomatoes look delicious! I picked the last of mine before the frost. They were still green and I placed them on the windowsills in the house to ripen. I am always sad when there are no 'more to come.' Pam x

  12. I love trying different kinds of tomatoes, Avis, but I think it's time to stick with some when you find good ones. The hornworm sounds like a scarey creature.

    Don't remind me, Matron. Back to the tasteless supermarket tomatoes after these, though I must admit that I hardly buy any, much preferring to wait for home grown.

    Sorry to hear that your tomatoes suffered from the dreaded blight, Flighty. I haven't heard of as many people mentioning blight as in other years. probably due to the dry summer we had. I'm glad that you got a good havest before they succumbed though.

    Thanks, Caro. I'm surprised how long my tomatoes have kept producing this year. I think I'll be clearing out the greenhouse tomorrow though, so the few green ones which are left will be coming in to a windowsill to finish ripening.

    My greenhouse is only small, Mark, but I manage to grow enough tomato plants in it for my requirements. Glad to hear that the blight missed you.

    There'll be a few tomatoes ripening on my windowsill tomorrow when the greenhouse is cleared out, Jeanne. I was really pleased with the Tangella, definitely one to grow next year.

    Thanks for the pepper recommendations, Damo. I'm definitely going to grow more plants next year.

    My chili peppers always grow really well, Tanya. Such a shame that I don't really like them. I'm hoping for more sweet peppers next year so I'll be starting the seeds off nice and early to give them a long growing season.

    I haven't heard many people mention blight this year, Green Lane Allotments. My potatoes missed it too, thank goodness.

    Thanks, Anna, I will. You can't buy tomatoes like these in the supermarket.

    There's nothing quite like the taste of home grown tomatoes, Pam. My windowsills will be adorned with green tomatoes tomorrow too.

  13. Lovely to have tomatoes still coming at this time of year. The very sight of them must brighten up your kitchen.

  14. I've just harvested the last of the tomatoes for this year, Linda. It won't be long until the sowing starts again.


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