Friday, 19 July 2013


You may remember me telling you about the pot marigold seeds which my blog pal, Flighty, from Flighty's Plot sent me. He's dubbed them Flighty's Favourites and I can see why. He has such a lovely mix of colours around his plot, and this year he's recording as many of them on his blog as he can. Some of mine are now blooming so I thought I would show you the colours I've got so far. Each of these plants are so different from the other, though I can't choose a favourite between them. I wonder what other colours and variations I'll get.

Last year, I bought a tayberry plant. I've got every intention to plant it at the allotment and have even bought an arch for it to grow up, but it's still in it's pot at the moment. It hasn't prevented it from fruiting though, we've already had half a dozen jewel like berries from it with the promise of more to come. My daughter really likes them, as she does with most things, and Hubby does too. I have to say that I'm not a huge fan, though I'm not overkeen on raspberries either so it's no surprise. I'll stick to my favourite strawberries.

I'm hoping that the gorgeous weather we're having is going to continue for a while longer as we go on holiday for a fortnight tomorrow. We're going to one of our favourite places, Cornwall. We're staying at the same place as we did last year, a small site near Bude which houses eight lodges and two cottages, has four fishing lakes, an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, games room and gym, amongst other things, and we really love it there. I've roped in family members to take care of the watering whilst we're away, so I'm hoping that everything survives. I've got some green tomatoes on my plants, though some fruit is still setting, but it would be lovely to come home and see some of the fruit starting to ripen. Something to look forward to.


  1. Have a really great holiday Jo!

  2. We're picking tayberries as are the resident blackbirds. AS I'm picking I often freak one out that is foraging in the thicket!

    Enjoy your holiday - I hope you have someone to look after things whilst you are away and you have nice ripe tomatoes to come back to!

  3. Beautiful flowers Jo! The plants that you grow that have come via friends and family are always extra special. Have a great holiday and I hope that there are plenty of ripe tomatoes waiting for you on your return. We got back from our holiday yesterday evening. I have just nipped down to the allotment where I was delighted to see that there were still some strawberries left to pick :)

  4. Gorgeous aren't they. I wrote on my blog about the different colour combinations of my self-sown pot marigolds this year..
    Have a great holiday.
    Julie x

  5. AnonymousJuly 19, 2013

    It's good to see yours, and indeed other blog pals, pot marigolds. I keep changing my mind as to which is my favourite.
    I still prefer raspberries and blackberries to these 'hybrids'.
    Have a lovely time on holiday, which certainly looks like being good weather.

  6. Have a great holiday Jo, Cornwall is such a lovely place.
    I need to take some pics of my marigolds from Flighty too, there is a real range of flower colours.

  7. My tayberries are hiding under the tents that were housing red currants until last week, when I harvested the lot of them. I think I prefer raspberries, but to be honest, not a single tayberry has made it from the kitchen garden to the house yet, which is an indication that they really can't be that bad.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Oh Jo....Cornwall will be heavenly in this weather, lucky you.
    Have a fab time and bring back lots of pics!

    The marigolds are lovely aren't they, mine are all flowering now too.xxxx

  9. Wonderful, hope you have a fantastic time. The weather is set fair I think, and Cornwall will be the most blissful place to be.

  10. Hope your holiday in Cornwall is nice. We're heading off to Penzance with our family in a couple of weeks' time. I have visions of building sandcastles with the grandchildren...

  11. Your marigolds are lovely colours and I am sure you will come back to ripe tomatoes, enjoy your rest.

  12. Happy Holidays, Jo -- your destination sounds fabulous! My marigolds are not doing well this year -- I think I planted the seeds too late. Yours are wonderful! P. x

  13. Love that yellow. They are such cheerful plants and useful too!

  14. Marigolds are super plants and I like the yellow coloured ones. Your upcoming holiday plans sound lovely.

  15. Thank you for all your good wishes. We've had a lovely holiday.

    Sue - No tomatoes ready quite yet, but they won't be long.

    Anna - Glad things were ok when you got back from your holiday. I've yet to venture down to the allotment.

    Flighty - I'm not keen on raspberries or the hybrids. I'll stick to strawberries.

    Snowbird - All holiday pics will be on my other blog :-

    Mark - I love Cornwall, and there's nothing nicer than family holidays, you'll love spending time on the beach with your grandchildren.


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