Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Speedy Seeds

Believe it or not, these seeds were sown on Sunday and less than forty eight hours later there's signs of life. I did quite a bit of sowing on Sunday, Swiss chard-Bright Lights, kale-Cavolo de Nero, broccoli-Summer Purple, calabrese-Sakura, Brussels sprout-Evesham Special, cabbage-Tundra, curly kale-Dwarf Green Curled, and swede-Ruby. I also sowed some flower seeds, most of these will be used at the allotment for my cutting patch. Calendula-Candyman Yellow, aster-Lazy Daisy Mix, gazania-Sunshine Mixed, cosmos-Picotee, cornflower-Frosty Mix, zinnia-Early Wonder, zinnia-Scabious Flowered Mixed, rudbeckia-Rustic Dwarf Mixed, and rudbeckia-Toto Gold. The photo is zinnia-Early Wonder, it's certainly living up to it's name so far. Some carrot-Paris Market 5 - Atlas were also sown in to a container and popped in to the greenhouse. I'm hoping to have some stumpy carrots just in case I can't get any carrots to germinate at the allotment again. I'm listing all the varieties on my blog this year as this will be the first time ever that I haven't made written notes. I find it quite time consuming to write everything down as I do it, so I'm using my blog for this purpose instead.

I had a trip to my local nursery on Sunday and bought some compost in readiness for all the sowing which is to be done. I'm also hoping to get my early potatoes in to containers over the next week or two so I also need compost for that. I usually use a mix of multi purpost compost and my own garden compost for potatoes, and even those which go in the ground at the allotment get some garden compost put in with them at planting time. I still need to buy my onions so I shall have another trip to the nursery soon.

I think spring has finally sprung. The weather over the last few days has been glorious and it looks set to continue here for the next couple of days. All this sunshine has woken up the ladybirds, I've seen them in abundance and on Friday I saw my first butterfly of the year, a Red Admiral.


  1. Now that is a true "spring has sprung" post as there is nothing better than seeing a tiny seedling emerge. Throw in some compost gathering and you've got it all!

  2. It must have been 'sow seed' Sunday as I was doing exactly the same thing - tomatoes, peppers, chillis, pumpkins, courgettes, marigolds, nasturtiums and cucumber. I'm saving the brassicas for this weekend.

  3. There seems to have been a ladybird population explosion since late last summer -I haven't seen them in such numbers since 1976 - what can it all mean?

  4. I was buying compost this afternoon too!

  5. If your weather has been like ours, I think you got the seed-sowing time just right. I am envious of that long list of brassicas you have sown, though I have almost never grown flowers from seed and I am therefore less enthusiastic about them because I am at heart a Veg gardener!

  6. Goodness Jo, you have been busy at the weekend. Perfect weather and set to continue for the next few days at least. I also got sowing at the weekend, at long last!

    That's a good idea of yours to list everything on your blog.

    Yes, there are lots of ladybirds waking up from their slumbers. I've also see some lovely bumble bees.


  7. Lovely to see new life! I've been busy repotting dahlia seeds that came up in about two days - I was amazed at that! :)

  8. I saw my first butterfly of the year last friday and it too wa a red admiral...I hope to see many more of them too.

    Ladybirds I think are out in abundance everywhere...I'm sure they must all sleep together throughout the winter.

    I got plenty of sowing done at the weekend but as of yet nothing is showing...were these flower seeds that had germinated??

    Here's hoping the weather continues for us both!!

  9. See? Here I am about to go out and sow some more seeds and you've exhausted me with your list! :)
    What an industrious day you had!
    And these lovely few days to encourage everything you've sown. Mo

  10. What a lovely list! I will be sowing some of the same things myself today, though may have to hold off on some of the pretties as I am running out of room.

  11. Thanks for visiting, ONG. Seeing a tiny shoot appear from seeds which you've planted yourself is still the most exciting thing about gardening.

    It looks like we've done things the opposite way round, Projectforty. I will be sowing most of what you've already sown within the next week or two.

    I remember all the ladybirds in 1976 too, Rachael, there were loads then. I wonder if we'll see them in such numbers again this year.

    The nurseries and garden centres must be doing a roaring trade in compost at the moment, Vegetable Heaven. Just think about all the millions of seeds which will be sown in the next few weeks.

    It's been perfect seed sowing weather, Mark. Vegetables are at the top of my list too really, but it will be nice to have cut flowers for the house, I don't like to cut those which are in the garden.

    I haven't seen any bumble bees yet, Jeanne. It's lovely to be busy in the garden again, I do love this time of year.

    It's amazing how fast seeds germinate, Butterfly Bush Diaries. These took me a bit by surprise. I grew dahlias from seed last year and will do so again this year, but I've also got some tubers to plant this year.

    They were Zinnias which germinated very fast, Tanya, though by the end of the day I also had cosmos and cornflower up, and today the asters have germinated. They'll all need potting on soon.

    I think this gorgeous weather has spurred me in to action, Mo. I've got more sowing to be done either this weekend or next.

    Vegetables always take priority when you've got an allotment, Janet. It's a matter of timing everything just right to make the most of the room available.

  12. Goodness you've been busy, and those seeds were speedy!
    I've seen a few bumblebees and lots of ladybirds but no butterflies yet.
    Flighty xx

  13. You certainly have been busy in the seed sowing stakes Jo. Your cutting patch sounds as if it is going to be a riot of colour this summer - look forward to seeing some photos in due course.

  14. Looks like your doing very well with your sowing. I did a bit at the weekend but have much more to do. The weather has been lovely this week in Northern Ireland especially today, its giving me 'spring fever' to get going in the garden!

  15. Are the ladybirds always this active? As I've noticed loads this week and can't remember seeing so many before. Is it because I'm now growing my own I start to notice all these little things?

  16. They just couldn't wait to grow - I went to a garden centre on Tuesday morning and it was heaving!

  17. Wow Jo you have been extremely busy! Its exciting when they come up so quick!
    Definitely seems warmer now, springlike, but you say its not meant to last :(
    How lovely to have a cutting patch too!
    Hope you were able to enjoy the good weather today

  18. wow you have been busy. I've got my compost and seed packets ready for a sow Saturday morning x

  19. Dear Jo, Wow, you HAVE been busy! My garden is still under snow, can you believe it? I really envy you. P x

  20. I saw another butterfly last week, Flighty, but still no bumblebees. I don't think I've had seeds germinate so fast before.

    I'm hoping to be able to supply myself with fresh flowers for the house this summer, Anna. There's still more flower seed to be sown but I'm trying to stagger the sowing a little before I run out of space.

    I've still got lots more sowing to do too, Kelli. It's a matter of being able to move some things on before sowing more or else I will run out of room. The weather is gorgeous again here today, we're being thoroughly spoilt.

    I found that I took a lot more notice of nature when I started gardening, Chef. I don't remember seeing quite so many ladybirds at this time of year before, whatever can it all mean? By the way, I can't seem to find a way of leaving a comment on your blog, it's probably me, I'm not very technically minded.

    I'm sure this gorgeous weather will be helping sales in the garden centres to soar, Sue. It always makes me want to be outside when I see some sunshine.

    It was a little cooler here on Saturday, Gill, but the sunshine was back again yesterday and it's glorious today. It's not like a typical March at all. I'm hoping to have some flowers at the allotment which I can cut for the house as I don't like cutting those in the garden.

    I hope you managed to get all your sowing done on Saturday, Amanda. I did some more yesterday and there's still plenty more to do yet.

    I can't believe you've still got snow there, Pam. Let's hope the better weather is on it's way for you, you must be itching to get started on some gardening.


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