Thursday, 20 May 2010

Green Seasons

I've been lucky enough to win another blog giveaway, this time on Monica's SmarterFitter blog. The prize was the Green Seasons Cookbook by Rachel Demuth. The recipes are seasonally inspired and many contain vegatables which I'm growing on the allotment. The seasons are divided up into seasonal vegetables, small eats, large eats and sweet eats, and there's extra chapters such as accompaniments, dressings, salsas, sauces and chutney, and techniques. Though I haven't had chance to have a proper read of it yet, I've had a quick flick through, and there are some wonderful recipes. This book will certainly appeal to those with an allotment or who grow their own vegetables. Thank you, Monica, I can see that this book will be well used.

I finally managed to get my maincrop potatoes planted on Sunday. I heaved a sigh of relief as it's taken me so long to find the time. I had eight tubers left over so I gave those to my dad. He's got a small area in his garden where he grows a few veg, and he hasn't planted any potatoes this year, so he was pleased to take them off my hands. I also planted my shallots. I know it's very late in the year to be planting shallots, but I'd already bought them so they might as well go in.

My beans have all been sown now, I'm just waiting for them to germinate. The weather is supposed to be improving, so the dwarf French beans which had already been sown will be able to go out very soon.


  1. Well done, you have a lucky streak. A couple of pots of French climbing beans are up and my peas have flowers :) New fence is almost done to stop dog no2 eating everything in sight!

  2. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    I always appreciate a good cookbook. Congratulations on winning this great prize!

    My beans are growing very slowly lately, as we had some unusually cold weather.

  3. Wow, well done Jo with the giveaway.

    You're right about the weather. You'll end up doing better than some of us with early sowings that have been hit by the cold.

  4. I still have a sack of main crop potatoes to go in so you won't be the last person platning them.....I have sown more runner beans and I'm patiently waiting for them to germinate...ok maybe not quite so patiently!!!

    The book looks great...i purchased a book called the allotment cookbook not so long back and it is set up in a very similar all we need is the weather to cooperate!!

  5. Congratulations Jo!

  6. Oh you lucky thing Jo, I've been coveting that book since seeing it in Waterstones! Good to hear your potatoes are now in. You did the right thing as so many people have been hit by the recent cold weather. My peas are scrambling up their supports but the runner beans are slow. I may sow some French dwarf beans in a pot.


  7. I'm starting to think being behind is actually a good thing this year. Or at least not un-common... Nature seems to do a good job of catching up anyway so fingers crossed it'll all come together later in the year... :)

  8. AnonymousMay 21, 2010

    That's looks to be a useful book to have won!
    Well done on getting your spuds in and beans sown. I actually dug a potato up yesterday...more on that in my weekend post!
    Happy gardening, Flighty! xx

  9. That sounds like great cookbook to win, conratulations.

  10. Let's hope you are as lucky with your veg this year too

  11. I do seem to have a lucky streak at the moment, Amanda, I must remember to put the lottery on tomorrow.

    The cold weather always slows things down, Vrtlarica. We're experiencing some really warm weather here at the moment. I hope it warms up for you soon.

    I think a lot of the later sowings catch up with earlier ones anyway, Mark N. It's always good to do some things early though to try for an early crop, but good to have some back ups on standby.

    I got the Allotment Holder's Cookbook for Christmas, Tanya. I just need to harvest some of my crops now and then I'm ready to go with the cooking.

    Thanks, Damo. My luck seems to be in just lately.

    It looks a really good book, Jeanne. I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes in it using some of my own produce. My peas are growing well too, but I haven't got any beans planted out yet.

    So many people have lost things this year due to being on time with everything, Paul and Melanie. The frost has played havoc, so I'm glad I'm a little behind really. As you say, things will catch up.

    It looks a great book, Flighty. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the recipes. I'll check in over the weekend to see how your spuds are doing.

    There's some great recipes in the cookbook, Kella. I just need to start harvesting now so that I can try some of them out.

    I hope we're all lucky with our veg this year, Green Lane Allotments. A good summer would be very nice.

  12. Hope your lucky streak continues - especially with your veg growing.

  13. Congrats again, Jo. Thanks for the shout out and I'm glad you dig the book. Hope your lucky streak continues in your veg growing this year... and everyone else's too!

  14. Thanks, Mark. I hope we're all lucky with our veg this year.

    Thanks again, Monica. I'm really thrilled with the book, it will definitely get plenty of use.

  15. A great looking book Jo - well done you :)

  16. Thanks, Anna. I'm sure I will use the book a great deal, there's lots of good recipes in it.


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