Sunday, 11 April 2010

I've Won Again

I think I must be on a lucky streak at the moment. A couple of weeks ago, I entered a competition on Amanda's blog Eight by Six, and won a seed parcel. I like to try different varieties of each vegetable, so I will enjoy using these. As well as the seeds, Amanda kindly sent some extras, a pair of gardening gloves, some wooden plant markers, a Ministry of Food sketch pad and a water sprinkler which fits on the top of plastic bottles. They will all come in very handy. Thank you very much, Amanda.

Now for the winner of my blog anniversary competition. Love Thy Space have very generously offered a kingfisher garden stake as the prize. My daughter did the honours and drew a name out of the hat, and I'm pleased to announce that the winner is Pamela from Pam's English Cottage Garden. Pam lives in the USA, but will have the prize delivered to her mum's address in the UK. Please email me your mum's address, Pam, you can find my email address in the side bar. I will pass this on to Love Thy Space who will despatch your prize direct. The kingfisher garden stake looks super, and I'm sure it will look lovely in your mum's garden and bring her lots of pleasure.

The sun is shining again today, so I will be making the most of it and spending some time at the allotment.


  1. Congratulations to you on those seeds you won! That is a prize that will go to good use!

    And congratulations to Amanda! The prize is great and very decorative!

  2. Congratulations Jo! That looks likes a wonderful collection of seeds. You'll be having a prize allotment with all those!Hope you get a good day in at the allotment.

  3. Congratulations Jo, great selection, happy sowing.

  4. Congratulations Jo.., Luck is really on your side to keep winning. How we need such luck in other facets of life and gardening too! ~ bangchik

  5. Well done Jo, what's your lottery numbers?? Congrats to Pam, great prize.

  6. congrats on your win Jo that water bottle sprinkler sounds great...and my philosophy is you can never have too many gloves or seeds!! Also congrats to the winner of your competition too.

  7. Congratulations on your win Jo and congratulations also to Pam for winning your wonderful giveaway - I have to admit my heart missed a beat when I saw the words 'Cottage Garden'!!

    Enjoy the sunshine at the allotment today.

    Jeanne x

  8. Hello Jo. I'm so pleased you liked the seed collection I chose. The bottle top waterer is the best thing I have bought this year. I used mine today whilst sowing all my flower seeds, it's brilliant. Hope you have fun planting all your seeds. Oh and congratulations to Pam for winning the kingfisher garden stake. Amanda x

  9. Congratulations, have fun with all that sowing.

  10. Well done! Hope you had fun this weekend, the weather was great!

  11. what a great prize. well done jo :) hope things are tickety boo down the allotment & you had a great easter.

  12. Jo,
    Congrats on your win and on celebrating your one-year anniversary. I just had my one-year a couple weeks back, too! Can't wait to hear how all those seeds do. Happy spring!

  13. Congratulations and what a collection of horticultural beauty. I think I might start entering competitions...

  14. That is a great prize to win, like you I seem to have a hit a winning streak as well (just won something else this week past which I'll blog about when it arrives). I have to say thank goodness for blogging as I never use to win anything before.

    Congrates to Pam the winner of your blogoversary giveaway.

  15. Dear Jo - Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful kingfisher prize! I phoned my Mom in Staffordshire, England the minute I heard I had won. I cannot tell you how very excited she was when I told her the news! She is 91 years old this June and still lives alone and tends her lovely little garden. She has already planned where she will put the kingfisher. I visit her a couple of times each year and can't wait to see her new garden ornament when I go there in August. Thanks again, Jo. I never won anything before! And congratulations on your win. Love, Pam x

  16. Well done to both you and Pam :)

  17. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful prize! Now, if you could just pick some lottery numbers for me this week that would be fab!

  18. Nice one! As my Mother used to say, "You must have stepped in something!"

  19. Wow, you are doing well! And such a useful prize too.

  20. Congratulations to Both Winners :D

  21. Thank you, Vrtlarica. I will certainly put the seeds to good use.

    There's a good selection of seeds, Ninasgardeningnotebook. I like to try different varieties so they will come in very handy.

    Thanks, Dawn. I don't think we ever finish sowing seeds. There's plenty more here to be getting on with.

    Very true, Bangchik. There's a lot of luck involved with gardening.

    Thanks, Damo. You wouldn't want my lottery numbers, I've kept the same ones since the lottery started, and have only ever won the occasional tenner.

    Thanks, Jeanne. I agree, the kingfisher garden stake is a wonderful prize. I'm hoping to host some more giveaways in the future so keep a look out for them appearing.

    I have wanted to try a water bottle sprinkler for ages, Tanya, so now I've got the chance. I agree about never having enough gloves too. I went to the allotment last week and ended up with four right hand gloves and no left hand ones. Goodness knows what had happened to them all.

    Thank you again, Amanda. The seed parcel is a wonderful prize, and I look forward to planting the seeds and using all the extras.

    Thank you for visiting, Su Harris, and thank you for leaving a comment. Sowing is one of my favourite gardening jobs, so I will have fun with all these seeds.

    Thanks, Matron. It's so nice to have some decent weather for a change, and be able to get on with lots of outdoor jobs.

    Thanks, Steph. Yes, it's a great prize. I do love seeds, I'm like a kid in a sweetie shop when I see rows and rows of them in the garden centre.

    Thank you, Avis, and congratulations on your one year anniversary too.

    I've never been particularly lucky, Countrymummy, but I seem to be on a lucky streak since I've been entering giveaways on blogs. Bloggers seem to be so generous too, adding little extras to their parcels. Get entering.

    I'm the same as you, Kella, I never used to win anything before I started entering giveaways on blogs. This is a great prize which I've just won, I look forward to sowing all the seed.

    You're very welcome, Pam. I had an email from Love Thy Space letting me know that the garden stake had been posted yesterday, so your mum should receive it this week. I hope it brings your mum lots of pleasure, it will look lovely in her garden.

    Thank you, Anna. I will have lots of fun planting the seeds.

    I agree, it's a lovely prize, Deb. Seeds are one of my favourite things. As for lottery numbers, I don't seem to have the same luck with those, unfortunately.

    I haven't heard that saying before, The Idiot Gardener, but I wouldn't consider myself lucky if I had stepped in something.

    It's a very useful prize, Mark, and I can't believe just how well I'm doing with my wins lately. I think my luck's in at the moment.

    Thanks, Mangocheeks. These blog giveaways are fun, both hosting them, and entering them.


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