Friday, 26 February 2010


Nearly all the seeds which I sowed almost a fortnight ago have now germinated. The only exception is the Micro Tomato, which I know a few of you were interested in. I do have a couple of seeds left, so I will sow those this weekend and keep my fingers crossed. I really do hope that I can get at least one to germinate as last years plant produced lots of tiny tasty tomatoes.

Last year, my hubby made me a light box for my windowsill which worked really well. One side of a cardboard box needs to be cut out, leaving three sides which are then covered with silver foil. The plants are placed in the box, which is then placed on the windowsill and the light reflects onto the silver foil and back at the seedlings. This prevents the seedlings from leaning towards the light, and encourages them to grow straight. It's also a time saver as you don't have to keep turning the plants every day. I shall dig out my light box this weekend in readiness for my seedlings.

It's pouring down again today, so digging the allotment over will have to be put on hold again. This weekend's jobs will consist of sowing more seeds and potting on some of the seeds which have already germinated.


  1. I've often wondered about building a lightbox for the windowsills, but never get around to it. Usually don't have too many issues with then leaning, but sometimes need to rotate them a little. Maybe one day I will build one.

    We're also having a busy seed sowing weekend, have fun out there.

  2. Nice little shoots there - what a shame about the micro Tomato - better luck with your next sowing.

    I keep meaning to make a light box - as usual Jo you have inspired me into action!

    It's just awful here today - wind as well as rain!

    Jeanne x

  3. No sowing or potting going on in my neck of the's still just to darn cold!!!!!!

  4. Nice idea with the light box; I may well steal it!

  5. The light box sounds great, think I will nick that design and have ago at making one myself.

    Still not sown anything yet but am planning of starting some root crops off on tuesday as that's that's the next right moon day

  6. at last it looks as if Spring is just around the corner, everyone is planting seeds! The light box is a great idea this time of year when the daylight is scarce anyway!

  7. That light box sounds like a good idea which I think that I'll do as well.
    It looks like another wash out here over the weekend, especially Sunday, so I guess that much of it will be spent sofa flying again! Flighty xx

  8. Those seedlings look so pretty. It is too bad about micro tomato; I wanted to see that one growing…
    That light box is a great idea, I made it also, and I have also same size seed trays that fit perfectly. It is great way to grow seedlings. I just hope that sun will not be too strong and burn plants...

  9. Hi Jo,
    Congrats on those sprouts! I haven't planted a single seed yet, but soon... You've inspired me to get busy. Hopefully, those two seeds will sprout, too.

  10. Hi Jo! It's interesting about using silver foil! Never heard about it before.

  11. Not heard of the light box before great idea, will give it a go.

  12. I first heard of the light box on Maureen's blog (Allotment Heaven) last year, but haven't tried it myself. I will be starting plants from seed indoors for the first time this year. Must be exciting when you first see those little shoots.

  13. Hi Jo, those little beauties look great. It's so good to see them emerge isn't it. I used a light box on the windowsill last year, but haven't got around to making one this year (must do that this week ) We are both obviously a fan of 'Gardeners World' and Alys Fowler ?? that's where I saw it anyway. I hope you get some more sowing done this week. M x

  14. Wow, you've got going early Jo. Hope they turn into fab food.

  15. Great to see such a high % of germination. I just hope the slugs don't get to them all when you plant out.

  16. Jo give the tomato seeds some heat, it might do the trick and help them germinate.

    The light box is certainly a good idea its one I have used quite a lot in the pass as well.

  17. Thank you for telling us all about your light box, that does sound like a very good idea.

  18. The lightbox does work, and stops you having to rotate the seedlings, Dawn. It's one less job when things are busy at sowing time.

    I'm hoping my next sowing of Micro Tomato will germinate, Jeanne. If not I will have to source some more seeds. The weather has perked up here today, I can actually see the sun.

    It won't be long now until you're sowing, Tanya. You're probably doing the right thing holding on for a while, as they'll still all catch up.

    Steal away, The Idiot Gardener. It does work.

    I hope you got some sowing done yesterday, Poppy. I'm quite interested in growing by the moon, but don't know if I could follow it properly. It seems a bit restricting when time's in short supply. I feel I have to get everything done when I can, otherwise I run out of time.

    Thank you for visiting, Matron. It does look like a lovely spring day today, long may it last.

    We had snow again yesterday, Flighty. It wasn't forcast either so it was a bit of a shock when I looked out of the bedroom window and saw that everything was white. It didn't last though, thank goodness.

    I haven't given up on the Micro Tomato yet, Vrtlarica. I have another few seeds which I will sow and keep my fingers crossed.

    I've still got plenty more seeds to sow, Avis. These are just the first batch. I start early otherwise I'll never get everything done in a short time. It won't be long until you get your's going too.

    I used the light box for the first time last year, Tatyana. It's certainly worth giving it a go.

    Certainly try it, Damo. I found I didn't have to rotate my seedlings at all as they didn't grow towards the light when using it.

    It is really exciting seeing all the little shoots coming through, Pam. You'll be hooked once you start.

    I had already built my light box when Alys Fowler showed it on Gardener's World, Maureen. I had seen the idea somewhere else, but for the life of me I can't think where now. I'm looking forward to the new series though, it's supposed to be in a different format this year.

    Thanks, Soilman. It's only a few things which are sown already, there's still plenty more to do.

    I had a real problem with slugs last year, Nicholas. They had some potatoes and all of my cabbages. I might have to resort to slug pellets this year, but I don't really want to if I can help it.

    The tomato seeds were sown in a heated propagator, Kella, and they still didn't germinate, so I'm going to give them another go and hope for the best.

    The light box does seem to work, Mandycharlie. Anything that saves me a bit of time is a good idea in my book.


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